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We make grit happen

Fueled by relentless grit, Intrepid employees do whatever it takes to make matters happen

Fueled by relentless grit, Intrepid employees
do whatever it takes to make matters happen

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Inspired by matters that matter

Inspired by a powerful blend of personal and business life occurrences, Intrepid was built with passion, perseverance and empathy for clients and staff alike

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From collection to courtroom

From forensic collections to trial preparation, Intrepid provides a full suite of integrated services to optimize matters

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Intrepid Managed Discovery is an agile legal services provider that delivers customized eDiscovery, forensics, managed document review and court reporting services to corporate and law firm clients. Fueled by relentless grit to deliver accurate and timely results aligned with client expectations, Intrepid discovery experts do whatever it takes to build confidence, earn trust and create exemplary customer service experiences from collections to courtroom.  


From collections to courtroom, Intrepid Managed Discovery services provide law firm and corporate clients with a full suite of advanced litigation support services to help optimize their matters. Led by tenured teams and talent across all project facets, Intrepid services ensure clients complete matters on time and within budget resulting in long-term engagements.

Foreignsic Affairs

Conducting forensics projects shouldn’t feel foreign when you work with the right partner


From remote to onsite forensic collections, Intrepid digital forensic investigations services blend speed, security and accuracy to help collect and preserve critical data providing clients with actionable intelligence they can use to support cases.  

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Powered by Relativity One, from hosting to data analytics, predictive coding, legal holds and beyond, Intrepid’s core eDiscovery services provide clients with hands-on, integrated solutions to help clients convert raw data into actionable intelligence. 

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Converting Raw Data into Intel

Data is just data. Knowledge is power. Intelligence is bliss.

Practice Law, Not Review

You’ve got a business to run. Let us take care of the details to optimize your matters.


Leveraging our teams’ extensive experience in legal, financial and pharmaceutical industries, Intrepid builds, aligns and inspires managed document review teams to produce accurate, expedited results typically 30% less expensive than industry benchmarks.

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Intrepid’s court reporting and trial tech services include a full slate of remote or in-person deposition, audio / video transcription, certified reporters and repository services to help clients expedite and capture critical information as cases progress.

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Capture, Contain and Captivate

From deposition to trial, our people, processes and technology enhance your case


As acute listeners, the Intrepid Managed Discovery team provides clients with proactive strategic and tactical expertise aligned with expectations throughout all project phases.

  • Relentless grit to make projects happen
  • Lean, agile and responsive approach to matters
  • Extensive discovery acumen across all teams
  • Managed review prowess and expertise
  • Proactive planning, strategy and execution
  • Aligned, educated and inspired teams
  • Integrated services from collections to courtroom


“From top leadership to hands-on execution, the Intrepid team possesses a powerful blend of subject matter expertise and grit to get the job done, resulting in flawless final production on all projects we’ve worked on.”

Patent Attorney at AM LAW 200 Firm