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Intrepid Managed Discovery is an agile legal services provider that delivers customized eDiscovery, forensics, managed document review and court reporting services to corporate and law firm clients. Fueled by relentless grit to deliver accurate and timely results aligned with client expectations, Intrepid discovery experts do whatever it takes to build confidence, earn trust and create exemplary customer service experiences from collections to courtroom.

Intrepid continues to build market momentum in the US and abroad by fostering a fearless, collaborative environment that inspires employees to tackle complex legal challenges, optimize outcomes and win cases. 


Infused in our cultural DNA, Intrepid discovery experts employ relentless grit to deliver accurate, timely and cost effective results aligned with client expectations from collections to courtroom.   Leveraging Agile Methodology principals to help clients complete matters on time and within budget, Intrepid employees do whatever it takes to exceed client expectations by orchestrating precision collaboration between people, processes, technology and data to optimize project results.



Intrepid’s Managed Review solution places a significant emphasis on the Pharmaceutical Sector, particularly legal cases arising from the Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act, commonly known as the Hatch-Waxman Act. Our tenured team possesses substantial knowledge, expertise and deep understanding of the crucial elements within the pharmaceutical field having completed multiple matters for our clients, hence reducing / eliminating the need for training and clarity.

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Fueled by relentless grit, the Intrepid leadership inspires staff, clients and vendors alike to achieve the impossible together. Please take a moment to meet the people who make things happen.

Parkash KhatRi

Founder and CEO

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Parkash founded the company with a belief that the technology landscape has evolved and thus the vendor landscape needs to follow suit. Focus and simplicity is the key to success and that’s the vision that drives Intrepid. A vision that’s driven by a company culture that encourages and promotes its members to expand beyond their comfort zone by allowing them opportunities to grow with the company.

With his degree from Miami University in Management Information Systems, Parkash is an experienced information technology professional, and possesses a unique blend of compliance, eDiscovery and information governance expertise. He is vested with in-depth experience having worked at numerous Fortune 20 and 500 companies prior to launching Intrepid.

Danny Thankachan

Chief Operating Officer

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With an exceptional track record of success in AMLAW 100 Firms, Danny brings a wealth of experience and expertise in a diverse array of litigation matters to Intrepid. From the largest and most complex MDLs to standard business litigation, he serves as an advisor on ediscovery strategy and best practices.  He will ensure defensible and efficient collection, review and production on all engagements, and will be able to work with you to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Furthermore, as COO, Danny is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and operational efficiency of Intrepid Managed Discovery. Thus, ensuring seamless execution of its services and driving innovation to deliver exceptional results for clients. His strong leadership skills, deep industry knowledge, and passion for driving organizational growth make him an invaluable addition to the Intrepid team.

Patrick Stevener

Vice President Sales

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Patrick brings to bear more than 20 years of experience providing strategic counsel to corporate legal and law firm clients, regarding the utilization of people and technology to solve difficult business challenges. 

He is an advocate and trusted advisor by his clients and colleagues. He enjoys working intimately, with in-house/outside counsels, AG’s Office/DOJ/OIG and Investigators, to formulate the best Business Practice Approach for Discovery Solutions on their complex litigation cases and/or government investigations. 

He has substantial experience with complex, multinational internal and regulatory investigations, high-profile litigation and other sensitive matters that span Advisory, eDiscovery, investigative, anti-bribery/corruption, data analytics, cyber, Microsoft 365, and regulatory compliance in the telecommunications, media, healthcare, tech platform, construction, financial services, energy, transportation, and manufacturing sectors.


Available to listen anytime, feel free to engage with us at 858.284.4140, sales@intrepidmanageddiscovery.com or via the contact form below to let us know how we might be of assistance.  We look forward to the opportunity to exceed expectations and forge a long-term relationship with your organization.

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