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Converting raw data into intelligence
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Data is just data, but knowledge is power
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eDiscovery Data Processing involves transforming data from regular business operations into a format suitable for review and research analysis. This technical stage of the eDiscovery process serves to filter and convert collected data files into a usable form, eliminating irrelevant or repetitive information, and organizing the data into appropriate folders through indexing. Processing data is a continuous activity, performed as new information becomes available. It holds significance in ensuring that data is appropriately prepared and processed to be admissible as evidence in the associated legal case.


Powered by Relativity One, from hosting to data analytics, predictive coding, legal holds and beyond, Intrepid’s core eDiscovery services provide clients with hands-on, integrated solutions to help clients convert raw data into actionable intelligence to help optimize results. 


Intrepid’s eDiscovery experts are skilled practitioners adept at orchestrating, collaborating and managing complex eDiscovery matters across all stages of the EDRM.  As tenured professionals having worked on hundreds of cases for law firms and corporations, Intrepid data scientists convert complex data into simplified intelligence during the processing phase of every matter.  Leveraging the power of Relativity One, Intrepid teams have 24-hour quick access to client matters enabling us to work on cases anytime, anywhere to help clients optimize project results.


Intrepid’s cutting-edge eDiscovery processing and hosting service include clients offer flexibility, scalability and innovation for matters of any size. Our data processing and deduplication services efficiently handle large volumes, utilizing advanced technology to identify and eliminate duplicate data, reducing the review workload, ultimately saving time and costs.

The customizable, cloud-based Relativity One review platform ensures a user-friendly interface tailored to your specific needs. Clients can swiftly search, review, tag documents and collaborate seamlessly. Streamlining the review process, Relativity One ensures informed decisions based on comprehensive information.

Our secure, compliant hosting environment guarantees data protection. State-of-the-art security protocols ward off unauthorized access, and our hosting complies with regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA.

Intrepid’s advanced analytics and early case assessment services employ machine learning and analytical tools, to swiftly pinpoint crucial data and offer insights into potential case issues. Our advanced algorithms analyze datasets, identify patterns and deliver actionable insights, aiding informed decision-making.


  • Custom digital / contractual legal hold strategy expertise
  • Targeted collection strategies with discovery order stipulations and key data sources
  • Expert data composition insights for informed data culling / pre-processing
  • Priority promotion of key data sources for processing and review
  • Accurate, efficient reporting on data universe throughout matter life-cycle
  • Timely progress updates with snapshots illustrating the effects of key events / decisions


Available to listen anytime, feel free to engage with us at 858.284.4140, sales@intrepidmanageddiscovery.com or via the contact form below to let us know how we might be of assistance.  We look forward to the opportunity to exceed expectations and forge a long-term relationship with your organization.

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