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Digital forensics represents a specialized branch within forensic science dedicated to the identification, acquisition, processing, analysis, and reporting of electronically stored data. In the context of criminal activities, electronic evidence constitutes an integral component, necessitating the critical support of digital forensics in law enforcement investigations. The scope of electronic evidence encompasses diverse sources, including but not limited to computers, smartphones, remote storage, unmanned aerial systems, and shipborne equipment.


Intrepid Digital Forensic Services provide law firms and corporations with proven, world-class computer forensic expertise to help clients investigate, gather, preserve, recover, analyze and convert electronic data into comprehensible evidence, while maximizing its value and use in court. 

With a track record encompassing numerous successful collections and investigations, our team operates remotely or onsite, ensuring minimal disruption to our clients’ workforce and operations. The team’s extensive experience spans various data types, and they have executed numerous successful investigations encompassing fraud, non-solicitation issues, employee misconduct, pre-litigation matters, regulatory responses, corporate due diligence, and more.


From remote to onsite forensic collections, Intrepid digital forensic investigations services blend speed, security and accuracy to help collect and preserve critical data providing clients with actionable intelligence they can use to initiate and support cases.  

  • Comprehensive assessments of the scope and disposition of data to be acquired
  • Implementing measures for the preservation of pertinent data
  • Executing forensic collection procedures for all data types, encompassing traditional sources, mobile devices, cloud platforms, and social media
  • Facilitating on-site data collection with a focus on minimizing disruptions
  • Enabling remote data collection through do-it-yourself methods, web access, or leveraging existing infrastructure over the network
  • Undertaking the preservation and reconstruction of corrupt or deleted data
  • Developing and implementing search strategies aimed at reducing both volume and associated costs


  • Detailed Communications System Analysis (Mobile, Email, Messenger Apps,)
  • Comprehensive Exiting Worker Investigations
  • Expert Data Exfiltration Analysis
  • Clear Activity Mapping & Timeline Visualization
  • Agile, Nimble Team of Experts
  • Quick Responsiveness


Available to listen anytime, feel free to engage with us at 858.284.4140, sales@intrepidmanageddiscovery.com or via the contact form below to let us know how we might be of assistance.  We look forward to the opportunity to exceed expectations and forge a long-term relationship with your organization.

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