Intrepid Launches Deposition and Court Reporting Services

Intrepid Managed Discovery is excited to announce the launch of our full spectrum court reporting and deposition services.  Our remote platform, IntrepidLive (powered by vTestify), integrates HD video conferencing, live exhibit sharing and stamping along with instant RealTime capabilities.  Our IntrepidLive’s All-In-One Purpose-Built legal platform provides white glove service at your fingertips. Ask about our No-Recourse financing options.

About Intrepid

Intrepid Managed Discovery is an agile legal services provider that delivers customized eDiscovery, forensics, managed document review and court reporting services to corporate and law firm clients.

Fueled by relentless grit to deliver accurate and timely results aligned with client expectations, Intrepid discovery experts do whatever it takes to build confidence, earn trust and create exemplary customer service experiences from collections to courtroom.  Intrepid continues to build market momentum in the US and abroad by fostering a fearless, collaborative environment that inspires employees to tackle complex legal challenges, optimize outcomes and win cases.